Nick Lane: Origins of Life, Evolution, Alien Life. Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal


00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:45 Genes don’t create life
00:07:34 Is the origins of life a physics question or biology question?
00:10:23 Synthetic chemistry
00:14:37 What is a “Pathway”
00:18:27 Life is about energy — NOT information
00:22:04 The definition of life. Life is a spectrum.
00:27:54 TOE takes a biological turn (why biology is difficult)
00:31:35 21st century biology will be the study of “fields”
00:42:01 Mitochondria are vital for consciousness
00:45:23 Multiple overlapping consciousnesses
00:56:40 Turin and quantum consciousness
00:59:04 Mechanisms for ESP (extra sensory perception)
01:05:48 Problems with Occam’s Razor and God
01:25:06 Are cities alive? Is the world alive?
01:32:28 Life on other planets (alien life)
01:37:46 The size of bacteria indicate limitations on life in the universe
01:44:34 Speciation (how species develop) and Mother’s Curse
01:58:07 The cell imitates the planet
02:04:04 Scientists don’t like to ask “why”… Why?
02:06:41 Groundbreaking research is difficult to do in the Academy
02:20:46 [Karl Friston] Explanation for phenotypic diversity?
02:31:22 [RH0D3Z] Respirasomes and Supercomplexes
02:37:50 Ending poem by Richard Howard
02:39:21 Ending announcements