2017 05 / 18

Talk at Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Nick Lane to speak at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Molecular Frontiers Symposium in Stockholm, 24th May 2017.

The symposium is organized by Molecular Frontiers Foundation and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and funded by Chalmers University of Technology, The Swedish Research Council and Merck.

The title of the lecture is:  Origin of eukaryotic cell.

The other lecturers are:

  • Leroy Hood: Scientific wellness and healthcare
  • Gerald Joyce: Self-replicating synthetic systems
  • Jens Nielsen: Controlling metabolism: From yeast to human
  • Reiko Kuroda: Mirror-image animals – mechanical manipulation and a point mutation

Discussion in plenum with symposium co-chairs Lorie Karnath and Bengt Nordén

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